Wear evening dresses correctly in every event

The night lends itself to explore the city and have fun with friends. And even more if the event in question is a special occasion. It can be your best friend’s wedding, the baptism of your favorite nephew, a tribute at work or the birthday of someone especial. Therefore, you must choose wisely the attire that is appropriate to the event, because the place you go, you must be the protagonist of your night. Jovani, thinking about your needs, has created a varied collection of evening dresses, which will make you look three hundred and sixty degrees perfect.

Evening dresses are clothes that cannot be missing in your closet. They combine with any night event, and it can save you from many troubles. For that reason, choosing one of them is not an easy decision. Although each celebration has its parameters of etiquette or formality, an evening dress will always be the perfect choice because it brings together essential aspects in a fresh look: elegance, beauty, sensuality and glamour.

It is a must wear without leaving aside your personality, the dress should enhance it and allow yourself to express who you are. This tip will be the best way to stand out. The gown, like the accessories, serves as condiments to the perfect recipe: reaffirm your beauty. You can achieve sexy and sophisticated without becoming vulgar. Showing more than you should is not the best idea to attract looks. Do not abuse cuts, necklines or transparencies. A long dress with a bare back or a halter neck that shows your shoulders will be enough to get a sensual and sexy style, within the formality of the event.

With this in mind, always try to show off your astonishing figure. Feel happy and comfortable with yourself and the way you look. If your style is short and unadorned dresses, do not hesitate to use them. Everyone has their own style. Jovani has different models and colors that will help you find the garment that best suits your personality.

However, a factor that also matters on the choice of the perfect dress for you is the class of event you attend. Be a marriage, a cocktail or a baptism, astonish everyone with Jovani, so here are some tips to make you look perfect wherever you go.


Being the perfect dress guest depends on you. When receiving the invitation for the wedding, notice the specifications that the bride demands, that is, the dress code. Check if you require a long dress or the event follows a specific theme. At the same time, whether it will be civil or religious. If you do not notice anything in particular, you can take some licenses.

But, being the best dressed does not mean being the most striking or extravagant. Do not overload your look. Depending on how you use it, the dress can be beautiful enough to stand out on its own. According to this, keep in mind the present trends, which are the minimalist dresses. The jewels will enhance the glamorous touch, and the high heels will stylize your figure. Your only problem should be not to overshadow the bride.


This event is usually semi-formal, but of a religious nature, so you should look modest but beautiful. Try to match the outfit accordingly with your age to achieve a perfect look for the occasion. Check if you can move comfortably, with a sober style and without so many rhinestones.

In this celebration avoid using the color black. It is only advisable to if you add this color to your accessories and as a supporting role. Everything you wear should harmonize with you and the place.


It is vital to choose elegant garments, one dress below the knee, but that clings to the silhouette. The trending colors are dark, like black or navy blue. If you opt for a light color, you can complement it with jewels, glitters, ornaments or ribbons. Although the parameters of this event are not so formal, makeup often plays an important role when it comes to completing the look with the dress and the location. Remember not to exaggerate your makeup, maybe keep the bronze palette, a trend that highly popular these days.

The hairstyle also becomes a primordial element; it must be conventional without being too elaborate or bulky. The buns are the most ideal for these occasions because they are beautiful and sophisticated. Do not lose the elegance and seriousness that the event merits.