Awesome Ideas for Your 2nd Anniversary Celebration

It’s your second Anniversary and we guess that you have been brainstorming on how to make this day ultra-memorable for your spouse. Be it any culture, an anniversary is close to one’s heart as it flashes sweet memories of that special day when you promised togetherness to each other.  Here are a few ideas that can help reignite love and celebrate your second anniversary in the most special way. This way you can reminiscence the prominence of your love and eternal bond in this beautiful relationship of man and wife.

  1. Gift a bouquet of flowers: Life throws tons of challenges and if on this day you have to be away from each other, flowers come to your rescue. Send flowers from anywhere to your sweetheart to convey your anniversary love. No matter how unhappy either of you may feel to be distanced on this day, flowers have the power to harmonize things, communicate your true feelings and uplift your beloved’s mood. Order flowers online to melt his or her heart away once again.
  2. Let’s agree that in this digital age, you can’t be completely alienated from the social media platform. What about scribbling some thoughtful words of love or posting a funny story or images of incidences from your marriage or courtship on your love’s timeline?
  3. In an age when smartphone have been consuming too much of our time and eating into relationships, why not dump these gadgets for an affirmative action of communicating love in a little arty manner? Write a romantic message on post-its and stick them to the washroom mirror or the bedside table saying “This day belongs to us; no one can disturb us, have locked up all laptop and phone.”
  4. Surprise your spouse with fresh flowers coupled with a custom-made cake. You can have your couple image embossed on it too.
  5. Life’s fast-pace often eats into love and togetherness and you may feel you hardly get to spend quality time with each other. Recreate your first date and relive those magical moments by replicating all that you did then.
  6. Gift your spouse a goody bag with all the things he/she loves. For the man, you could have his favourite aftershave, chic cufflinks paired with a short note on how much he means to you. For the lady, you could have some of her special fragrances and desirable lip shades or other vanity items assorted into a beautiful hamper that she would love to be gifted by her husband. After all, you know each other’s taste and preferences, so just get creative!
  7. Do something new like make a few changes to the home décor, buy some new upholstery, bring in some indoor plants or start something new together to mark this special day.
  8. Surprise him by taking him to the first place where you met, plan a romantic dinner at your favourite restaurant or hit the most happening bistro in the city.
  9. Frame an old pic from your dating days and surprise your wife by mounting it on your bedroom wall. Create a digital photo book with pictures and play the most romantic number in the background.
  10. Cook for her! Yes, you read that right, if you have never done it, today is the day! Seal a special kiss with your culinary skills. She will love it even if your toss-up a simple recipe of your choice. You can order some fine crockery online for laying the special dinner table too.

Above all, time for each other is all that both of you will cherish forever. So try to spend the maximum quality time together on your anniversary day and make it memorable.  Might be you also like our 1st anniversary gift ideas.