Solia Hairstyling Flat Metal Tips

Solia makes excellent flat irons also it uses Tourmaline upon all it’s ceramic dishes. However simply because you’ve purchased a Solia hair straightener isn’t likely to guarantee that the hair will look as if you just stepped from a beauty salon. You also need to know how you can use this.

Tourmaline is really a precious rock and generates as much as 6 occasions more damaging ions compared to traditional ceramic. This significantly reduces the possibility of heat harm to the locks and leads to smoother, silkier hair that’s less prone to frizz or even curl support. All good hair straightener manufacturers right now coat the actual ceramic plates on the flat golf irons with Tourmaline.

The organization also runs on the unique “dynamic position system” about the plates associated with its hair straighteners. This enables the ceramic/tourmaline dishes to self-adjust because necessary to be able to maintain even connection with the locks. This is essential; evening away the stress prevents the actual iron from concentrating on any particular “hot spots” that could damage hair.

How To make use of Your Solia Hair straightener

Once you have purchased your own Solia hairstyling flat metal you prepared to give your self beautiful locks. Don’t end up being nervous about utilizing it; using it’s simplicity by itself. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

1. Choose the correct dimension of Solia hair straightening iron based in your type and period of hair. What’s meant through size may be the width from the ceramic plates from the flat metal. Most women is going to be fine with one which has dish sizes in between 1. 5″ as well as 1″.

two. When a person first unpack your own Solia Tourmaline hair straightener don’t connect it in immediately. Instead, just use it without having it being started up. Get accustomed to how this feels and use it in your hair.

3. Before you utilize your hair straightening iron keep your hair is totally dry; make use of a blow-dryer.

four. When making use of your Solia hair straightener it is best to use the styling product to prevent your locks from ‘frizzing’. Apply serum or even gel whenever drying hair. Serums tend to be silicon dependent. If you utilize a carbamide peroxide gel place just a little into the actual palm of the hand and put it on evenly throughout hair.

5. It seems obvious but make certain your hair straightening iron is started up and offers reached it’s temperature environment. Also, know what temperature is suitable for hair type. Normal locks can withstand a variety of 300-370°F. Bleached, delicate, damaged as well as fine locks should use under 300°F. Really thick, rough, ethnic or even resistant locks can stand a lot more than 370°F, but make sure to use this particular selection cautiously.

6. Use barrettes and/or locks clips to distance themself hair you aren’t working upon. Take a little section of the hair to begin with. Don’t end up being tempted to make use of thicker areas; by dealing with small areas and pieces, you may apply heat evenly, and can get the required straightness quicker.

7. Begin straightening if you take a little chunk associated with hair as well as, starting in the root from the hair, work the right path down gradually but continuously. Once you have finished the section, hair comb through this and squirt with hairspray, in the event that desired.

8. Straightening the rear hairs could be difficult. Before you get the actual hang from it, try putting two mirrors about the diagonal to help you see the rear of your face. Then, do as with step 7, starting at the end of your face (the actual nape/neck region) as well as working the right path to the actual crown of the head, the same as your stylist will.

It requires time as well as practice to master most points. The great news is it shouldn’t consider long whatsoever to obtain that ideal, sleek, shiny finish making use of your Solia hair straightener.